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Ausgabe 3 6 2018
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Anything but boring - (nmj)

Market + Industry:
Wolf Butterback commissions third plant - (nmj)

Background information:
White Bread and Pricing War - Great Britain is known for many special things: currency, left-handed driving and the exit from the European Union. But does this also apply to the British baked goods market? (Orfert, Lukas)

Efficient toast loaf production - Industrial toast loaf production is mainly based on the 4-piece-method. As a further development of this, Fritsch is also offering a 6-piece-method as an alternative. (Reinhardt, Angela)

Successful Production Line Upgrade - The major bakery concern, Resch&Frisch from Wels in Austria, has equipped one of their continuous production lines with a Vulkan Euroback multi-level conveyor oven from Heuft und conveyor technology by GBT. (Schütter, Stefan)

innovations :
Latest News about Acrylamide - The new EU Acrylamide Regulation came into force in April 2018. In a seminar, the AGF (Association of Cereal Research) in Detmold examined strategies for reducing the acrylamide content in bread and pastries. (Schütter, Stefan)

Optimisation of steaming - With the prototype Ionic Haze, Wachtel and ttz Bremerhaven have developed a humidification method that reduces the energy-intensive steam input in the oven. (Schütter, Stefan)

Customised kneading curves - Traditionally, a kneader provides only two speeds for dough preparation. Intelligent kneading via frequency control offers completely new possibilities in this regard. (Schütter, Stefan)

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