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Ausgabe 5 10 2018
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This is the baking of tomorrow - (nmj)

Market + Industry:
Nestlé Wagner produces more snacks - (nmj)

NFT: A sustainable path through change - The consulting company NFT from Bremerhaven supports quality assurance, production optimization and the use of new technologies – along the complete process chain. (nmj)

Background information:
Air in the kneader - What is the importance of oxygen in the kneading process? And what aspects should be considered when cooling wheat dough? (Lösche, Prof. Dr. Klaus)

Trade Fair:
And the winners are... - The iba Awards were awarded at iba for the fifth time. Solutions from Fritsch, König, Mecatherm, Rondo, Wachtel and Werner & Pfleiderer earned a distinction. (Waclawek. Dirk)

Flexible rounding robot - With the Rondobot, Rondo has developed a very flexible and gentle rounding system based on an industrial robot that can readily adapt to any type of dough. (Schütter, Stefan)

Multi-functional stamping station - König has developed a new flexible stamping station that combines several work steps to increase efficiency in the production of a large variety of bakery products. (Schütter, Stefan)

French flexibility - With the M-TA, Mecatherm has developed an oven that is very versatile thanks to six different heating combinations of radiant heat and convection. (Schütter, Stefan)

Digital vision - The greatest innovation of Fritsch's Intelligent Services is augmented reality communication via smart glasses. This system also currently offers permanent component monitoring and individual key figure management. (Schütter, Stefan)

Rethinking steaming - In order to significantly reduce the energy-intensive use of steam in the oven, Wachtel has developed the innovative Ionic Haze humidification concept with ttz Bremerhaven. (Schütter, Stefan)

Thermal oil with turbulence - The new Thermador TH from the WP Bakery Group is a tunnel oven heated by thermal oil. It combines radiant heat with real convective turbulence and can also work without conveyor belts. (Schütter, Stefan)

Production Concept:
Nearly 100 Years of tradition - The major Polish bakery, Nowel, has built a modern plant for manufacturing semi-baked products in Legionowo near Warsaw, which will also supply the major retail chains in Europe and overseas. (Schütter, Stefan)

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