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Ausgabe 6 12 2018
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Good Opportunities - (nmj)

Market + Industry:
Griesson - de Beukelaer moves from Kempen to Kahla - (nmj)

Background information:
Eat more bread - The EU supports break marketing with funding. AIBI Secretary General Susanne Döring explains how to attain this. (Waclawek. Dirk)

The European bread market - A study undertaken by market research company Gira examines consumer habits in EU countries. (Waclawek. Dirk)

Rye is in their blood - There are many extremes in Finland. Not only in regards to the weather, this holds true for baked goods producers as well. Besides some very small ones, there are two extremely big ones. (Orfert, Lukas)

Between Berlin and Moscow - Poles traditionally eat a lot of artisan bread, but in recent years the trend has been downwards. In contrast, however, the business of large-scale bakers is growing - especially in exports. (Orfert, Lukas)

Better doughs - The potential for oxygen impregnation of bulk water for dough production. (Lösche, Prof. Dr. Klaus)

Integral planning with BIM - Successful bakeries pay great attention to the planning of buildings and are constantly optimising their processes. To achieve this, they select planners who work with state-of-the-art digital planning tools, namely Building Information Modeling (BIM). (Trautwein, Michael)

Efficient doughnut production - The production costs of bakery products play a huge role in the industrial processing of all doughnut varieties, including Berliners. Therefore, the objective is a fullyautomated, highly efficient production combined with ever higher quality. (Carree, Jennifer)

Tailormade margarine and more - Fats and margarines are amongst the most important raw materials in the bakery. This article is intended to provide help in drawing conclusions about technical baking properties from the most common indicator values for fats. (Guckenberger, Peter)

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