Backtechnik – the trade magazine for the bakery industry

Backtechnik is a renowned special interest magazine for the bakery industry and bakery chains worldwide. With its challenging editorial content from raw materials to process technology and reports, Backtechnik offers its readers the precise background knowledge required for a successful production. A proven concept with distinction: Backtechnik is the official organ of the Association Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle (AIBI) and is subscribed by the Vereinigung der Backbranche (VDB) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 


Backtechnik Europe, in a German/English Format is designed for a strong, competitive European market. Backtechnik Russia provides the decision makers of Russia’s Bakery markets knowledge with Reportage covering all aspects of the trade both in Russia and internationally. Backtechnik International complements the European edition and enables contact to a wider international readership. Readers of Backtechnik International encompass North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia.



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The new Backtechnik Europe

The special magazine for bakery industry and baking chains worldwide.

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